Carousel Internet Publishing Limited provides core services for publishers wishing to operate online publishing and e-commerce ventures (web sites, e-mail newsletters) under a franchise system. Our services to clients include IT facilities (hosting, web site design, search engine optimisation, database management, e-commerce), advertising sales, editorial and technical writing services, back office services (accountancy, bookkeeping, sales ledger management, debt chasing, management reporting, sales lead management).

Businesses utilising services from the Carousel are operated on a quasi-franchise system, augmenting their own skill sets with those available in the central core. In some cases, the Carousel will take a shareholding in the satellite business, representing some or all of its investment in the business. In other cases, Carousel merely charges a fee for the franchise.

All businesses within the Carousel benefit from common standards of software development and other services . It is an ideal arrangement for technical specialists, editors and other publishers to be able to concentrate on their strengths, knowing that the key technical and administrative demands of operating a successful online publishing business are taken care of. brings the latest security news to professionals throughout the world every day, offering them industry insight, new developments and inspiring ideas. Each day, news is added to our growing archive, creating a rich and valuable information resource for anybody involved or interested in the security industry. With free access, free publication of news and free newsletter distribution, both users and suppliers have the world of security at their fingertips. ProSecurityZone covers all aspects of the security industry including physical security, IT and surveillance. is an online news and product information resource aimed at Healthcare professionals throughout the world. publishes global industry and product news on a daily basis, across the complete range of technology developments relevant to the health service sector. is a free online news and product resource for the global defense and aerospace industry. DefenseFile is a valuable resource for procurement executives and others involved in specifying and purchasing defense-related goods and services. The website and email newsletter cover aerospace, marine and navy, land, manufacturing, services for the defense industry, personnel and backup equipment. DefenseFile can be accessed free of charge online, plus there is a free monthly email newsletter.

New Materials International, established in 1984, is the leading newsletter for technical and business professionals working in industries who are using developing and advanced materials. New Materials International maintains a comprehensive database of information about new materials developments, available free on this web site to all interested readers.

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From Plugs to Power Stations - The leading UK and international electrical and power portal Web-Lec has now joined the joins the Carousel stable. Web-Lec retains the best features of the original Web-Lec, while incorporating innovations from Carousel’s core technology, wich is entirely scalable and enables rapid commercialisation of web portals and online publications in any chosen market sector


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